Welcome to the Alternative Tentacles Blog!

Hey all- This blog is run by the folks at Alternative Tentacles Records, and will cover AT news, weird things, favorite bits, and a little bit more. Plus things t.b.a. Can't get much broader than that, huh?

I'll kick off with a couple of my favorite things that aren't on Alternative Tentacles in the AT Store:

The new Dash Rip Rock cd "Country Girlfriend" released by the band, is a late addition to my favorite records of 2008. A whole lotta twang mixed in with their bar band rock, "Country Girlfriend" isn't as dark & weird as their 2007 AT cd "Hee Haw Hell." It still has the solid songs & clever lyrics that you'd expect from the band, no worries!

Another current fave is Los Fastidios- the long-running Italian anti-fascist oi band. We have a few of their cds, including the greatest hits "16 Anos" and the one to the left, "Siempre Contra." I found them through a youtube video of their tune "Antifa Hooligans" which is all about beating up nazis at soccer games. It makes me want to shave my head, put on a Fred Perry, and learn to like watching soccer... almost. Anyways, these Italian skinheads are vegetarians, queer-friendly, and have their hearts in the right place.

Crap, since I'm here, I'd like to include all of the releases we have from the German label Mad Butcher & its ska sublabel, Black Butcher. There's live Angelic Upstarts, plus full-lengths & eps from The Commandantes (German commie oi), Italian oi veterans Klasse Kriminale, Bolzplatz, Arpioni (Italian ska), Heros & Zeros (Dutch leftist oi), and everyone's favorite UK anarcho-punk poet Attila The Stockbroker.

Like everything in our section of non-AT records & cds, there are limited numbers available since we traded with
Mad Butcher a couple years back for these titles.

- Jesse Luscious


  1. Jesse Luscious! As I live and breathe! I am alive and well and living in New York and I hope that this finds you well too!