Ani Kyd sings the (jump) Blues!

Our favorite female snarler from BC has returned to one of her 1st musical loves- the blues! From Jump blues to swing, it's all a part of her new combo, The Ani Kyd Blues! Check out the myspace page for tunes & live shows!

What a contrast with Ani's rough & tumble solo AT cd "Evil Needs Candy Too," huh? No rest for the wicked!


Drunk Injuns TONIGHT in the East Bay!

That's right, legendary skate punks Drunk Injuns are playing ONE show tonight in Oakland at the Uptown with fellow legends D.I.!

Drunk Injuns "She's Got A Gun"


Burning Image emerges from their bat cave!

Burning Image- the mysterious Bakersfield 80's goth-punk band legends- are emerging from the Great Beyond today on the radio & tonight in Oakland, CA!

After AT reissued their incredibly rare KBD recordings on 1983-1987, the band has now assembled a new look at the underbelly of existence as only Burning Image can! The new record "Fantasma" will debut at this show. It won't be in stores until mid-May but you can get it NOW from Alternative Tentacles!

Burning Image plays live on KFJC 3pm (Pacific) today!
Burning Image plays live @ the Uptown in downtown Oakland tonight! It's a Shadow Society event!


Cross Stitched Eyes sew up Europe!

Cross Stitched Eyes just wrapped their 16-date European tour in support of the smokin' hot brand new record Coranach! It's a big beautiful 12" vinyl with an audio cd inserted in the jacket. Ab fab!

CSE in Bristol a few days ago:


The Pansy Division Doc Down & Dirty!

Pansy Division bassist & documentary film-maker Chris Freeman sat down with Jesse Luscious for the brand new batcast, talking about the new "Pansy Division: Life In A Gay Rock Band" Double DVD, and the band's history & future. Chris also talks about the new series of Pansy Division "webisodes" & other features of the Pansy Division You Tube Channel!!

"Pansy Division: Life In A Gay Rock Band" official trailer!

Pansy Division and ROB HALFORD from JUDAS PRIEST doing "Breaking The Law" Live!

Check out the brand new Alternative Tentacles You Tube Channel!


Erika "Crumbly" Hynes RIP

Erika was a long-time friend who ran Little Type Mailorder, & worked with Maiko & I @ Lookout! Records in the late 1990s. She passed away on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 1, 2009, and is survived by her beloved husband, Patrick Hynes, and dog, Lucy.

We hit it off when she first moved to the East Bay back in 1994 or 1995, & our friendship continued over the years, ebbing & flowing as we worked together @ Lookout! and then later as she & Pat started up Little Type. She & Pat made a great team, and all of my heart goes out to Pat & her family.

- Jesse Luscious

Larry Livermore wrote about her here & here, while others memorialize her here, here, & here.

Photo= Patrick & Erika, drawing= BH, AJ, Erika, & Jesse. Art by Patrick.