What Would Jello Do? Part 6- Obama's Tax Deal & more!

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Also, here's a classic Jello interview w/ Jools Holland @ L.A.'s infamous Oki Dog in 1979 or 1980:


Love Slim Cessna, Dash Rip Rock, AND Rock Band?

Then you're in luck! Slim Cessna's Auto Club "Americadio" is now available to play on Rock Band! Here's the preview video.

Want to buy the track now? Click here

Also out now, Dash Rip Rock "Johnny Ace 2010"- you can buy it here to practice, just in for their January-March 2011 tour with Cowboy Mouth!

Check out this awesome preview video!

After this dose of Alternative Tentacles twang comes some classic AT riffage from Ludicra "Veils" and... wait for it... AMEBIX!

To sate your curiosity, here is the preview video for Ludicra.


Not So Quiet On The Blanket

Artist Lisa Anne Auerbach was inspired to make this based on the 7 Seconds song on our Not So Quiet On The Western Front compilation.
In her own words:

The blanket was knit on the occasion of a project I was invited to do at Los Angeles Nomadic Division. For the blanket, I wanted to evoke the character of Madame Defarge in "Tale of Two Cities." Because a lot of my work involves knitting, and much of it is political, I have been asked about this character a lot, so for this project I thought I'd just go with it.

The border of the blanket is the lyrics to the song "Fuck Your Amerika" by 7 Seconds. I first heard that song when I was high school, and it's really stuck with me. Inside of that border is another rectangle of red and white and then inside of that is a gray stripe that says "Today we invoke the first amendment, tomorrow the second" which I saw quoted in the newspaper as being on a sign at a Tea Party Rally. So it's this idea that the American rights are being talked about by one constituency as an entitlement while the lyrics are much more questioning. In the center of the blanket are names of people that I and friends of mine can't stand. I put out a call asking for names and people wrote me back with everyone from Bush to ex-boyfriends. I wanted to make a blanket that was a collective effort, naming an "enemy" together and strengthening this idea by knitting it, as did Defarge.
It's intentional that the 7 Seconds lyrics is in the red, white, and blue part of the blanket while the so-called "real americans" get shafted into the gray area.
At the evening project (http://www.nomadicdivision.org/programs/nomadicnights/lautner/default.html)
people drew on a large piece of knitting graph paper, creating their ideas for a new blanket of enemies. This blanket was there as inspiration.
A friend of mine called this the "Blanket of Death" but that seems a bit too voodoo for me. I like to think of it more simply as a snapshot of the time I made it, who was in the news, who was on people's minds. It's important to me that there are personal enemies as well as political adversaries.
The most common name people wanted put on the blanket was Sarah Palin.


Looong-awaited films FINALLY here!

Terminal City Ricochet (1990) & The Widower (1999) are 2 excellent indie Canadian flicks that feature, among many others, Jello Biafra & Joey "Shithead" Keithley from DOA!

Both come with their respective soundtracks- we've had the Terminal City Ricochet soundtrack since 1989 (the Jello/DOA & Jello/Nomeansno tracks kickstarted Jello's records with each band: Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors and The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy). The Widower soundtrack has never been released and features DOA, Neko Case And Her Boyfriends, The Evaporators, and many more!

These DVD+Soundtrack CD packages will be in stores October 12th, 2010, but until then you can get them exclusively from our on-line store!


Todd Sampson (MIA) R.I.P. 7/25/10

We are sad to bear the news that M.I.A. singer Todd Sampson passed away this weekend.

This Las Vegas Weekly article by Spencer Patterson filed July 25th, 2010 provides some background but does not have a cause of death determined.

Friend and photographer of the band Jesse Nabers informs of us a memorial show being organized, we will post that information when it becomes available to us.


I am totally shocked. I was just getting to know Todd, as a great musician and performer, and above all as a friend. He was a real natural.

Here at Alternative Tentacles, we are devastated. Our hearts and wishes go out to his son Daz, his girlfriend, the MIA family, and all those who loved him.

Whatever you do, please don't give up. Todd never did. He will be truly missed.


The classic Bat is BACK!

Back in stock, it's the CLASSIC Bat logo shirt, now in black, white, & long-sleeve black. All are on American Apparel (except the 5XL one).

P.S.- Sorry about all of those weird spam blog comments. Please ignore them!


Memorial Day Weekend BAT-STYLE!

This weekend features Cross Stitched Eyes swooping into Chaos In Tejas with Subhumans (U.K.) and Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine rockin' Fleet Week for NYC's anti-war UXO boat festival!


Cross Stitched Eyes Tour Kickoff!

A.T.'s beloved crust punkers Cross Stitched Eyes kick off their 2010 U.S. tour on May 21st at 924 Gilman in Berkeley! Also playing are Crow (from Japan), Conquest For Death (from U.S. / Japan / Australia), Surrender (U.S.), Acephalix (U.S.), and No Statik (U.S.)! They're playing a ton of other shows, most along with the U.K. Subhumans:

05/21/2010 924 Gilman Berkeley, CA - w/ Crow, Conquest For Death, Acephalix, Surrender, No Statik

05/22/2010 Black Water Portland, OR

05/23/2010 The Morgue Seattle, WA - w/ Nux Vomica, Countdown to Armageddon, Raw Nerves: 6PM SHARP!

05/24/2010 Red Room Boise, ID

05/25/2010 Salt Lake Recording Service Salt Lake City, UT - (721 S. 400 West)

05/26/2010 Blast-O-Mat Denver, CO - with Clusterfux + more! 8 PM.

05/27/2010 TBA Kansas City, KS

05/30/2010 Beerland (CHAOS IN TEJAS!) Austin, TX - Day show - starts at 3:45 PM. (21+.)

05/31/2010 The Prophet Bar Dallas, TX - with Subhumans, Slang (Japan). All ages, 7 PM.

06/01/2010 The Conservatory Oklahoma City, OK - with Subhumans, No Man's Slave. 7:30 PM.

06/02/2010 Lauchpad Albuquerque, NM - with Subhumans. 7 PM.

06/03/2010 Ft. Defiance Chapter Ft. Defiance (Window Rock), AZ - with Subhumans. 8 PM.

06/04/2010 Chasers Scottsdale, AZ - with Subhumans. 7 PM.

06/05/2010 Glasshouse Pomona, CA - with Subhumans, Aheads. 8 PM.

06/06/2010 The Echo Echo Park, LA, CA - with Subhumans, Aheads. 8 PM.

06/07/2010 Alex's Bar Long Beach, CA - with Subhumans, Aheads. (21+).

06/08/2010 The Box Office Las Vegas, NV - with Subhumans, Aheads. 7 PM.

06/09/2010 Downtown Brew Fresno, CA - w/Subhumans

06/10/2010 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA - w/Subhumans

06/11/2010 Shire Road Club Sacramento, CA - w/ Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine (advance tix @ Dimple Records)

06/12/2010 Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco, CA - with Subhumans, A-Heads, Vacuum. 8 PM

Check them out if you get the chance - they're an AMAZING live band! Hell, they're a great studio band too!


Electronic Plantation at your service!

Consume! Consume! Consume!

Whether it's the new Subhumans re-recording of Incorrect Thoughts, or the return of the classic John Yates' Democracy We Deliver shirt, all items on our super-webstore are now available via credit card again, as well as Paypal, money order, Western Union, and personal check. Questions about this & much more are all answered here!


Slim Cessna stranded, SFH & Victims Family too?

Slim Cessna's Auto Club haven't been able to leave for their European dates yet.
Stay tuned to see if Victims Family & Star Fucking Hipsters can get through in the next few days!
Fucking nature!


Gremlins working @ Alternative Tentacles

If you've been trying to order via credit card on our site over the weekend, you'll know that it's not possible. We're working to get this fixed, but in the meantime you can use the paypal option on-line or use one of the other methods on our FAQ page

You can also use our Discogs page to order anything in our catalog! (And you guys scoffed at how late we set up shop there- better late than not now, at least you credit card fiends can get your hit of The Bat while we fix our main site)


Jello on the Underwear Bomber AND Intern Insanity!

Jello Biafra on the Underwear Bomber (& more!) plus Neha T. Intern curates Intern Insanity #5! It's all on the latest Batcast!

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