Jon Ginoli readin' & strummin'!

The videos are flowing in from Jon Ginoli's current book tour! Not only is he reading from his new book "Deflowered: My Life In Pansy Division," he's also playing tunes from Pansy Division record old ("Curvature" from "Undressed") and new ("Pat Me On the Ass" from "That's So Gay"). See both in this clip from his San Francisco reading @ Booksmith a few days ago!


Phantom Limbs RECORD RELEASE tonight!

Tonight it's the Chicago CD/DVD RELEASE party for the Phantom Limbs at the Beat Kitchen! Featuring Phantom Limbs frontman's new band Loto Ball Show, plus Young Widows, Millions, & My Disco!

photo: Phantom Limbs @ 924 Gilman, Berkeley CA, in 2000.


SXSW, dicks, and hipsters

Gary Floyd and the Dicks are in the news! Here's a live review by Christopher Weingarten, and a news piece on MSNBC by Robert Wellington. There's also a preview here from Austin Decider.

Other AT bands are at SXSW as well, including Dash Rip Rock, The Evaporators, and Star Fucking Hipsters (which features members of Leftover Crack).

Star Fucking Hipsters
March 19, Opal Divine's Freehouse 700 W 6th St. 12 midnight set

March 21, Habana Calle 6. 1:00 am set


Phantom Limbs - Whole Loto Love trailer

Trailer for the CD/DVD "Accept the Juice"/"Whole Loto Love" which we have for sale here.


Guardian UK "Label of Love"

A look at the 30 year history of Alternative Tentacles by Guardian UK writer Owen Adams. Check it out here.


Micheal Parenti on Democracy Now!

AT political theorist & author Michael Parenti spoke with Amy Goodman on this morning's Democracy Now. He dissects the bailout, health coverage, and capitalism in general. Here's a sample:

"Well, I argue that one of the functions of a capitalist state is to defend capitalism from itself, to defend capitalism from the capitalists. It was Marx—dare we mention him? I hear he’s coming back in style. It was Marx who said one capitalist will kill many other capitalists, that the system begins to consume itself. We see that with Bernard Madoff and the like."

Check out the fascinating books & dvds we carry from Parenti, including the awesome "Rulers of the Planet" dvd from 2005!


For the Ladies!

"Countries around the world recognized International Women's Day on Sunday, with some marking it as a national holiday.

In Russia, where International Women's Day is a holiday, men were streaming into flower markets and florists around the country to buy bouquets for the women in their lives.

International Women's Day was declared in 1910 by the German socialist leader Clara Zetkin at a conference in Copenhagen as a day of solidarity, and marked the fight of women for equal rights."

There's tons of work to be done, from preventing rape-as-a-weapon in places like the eastern Congo to equalizing pay rates between males & females in the West. Check out this wide ranging Democracy Now interview with Amy Goodman, Alice Walker (pictured above), & Medea Benjamin (Code Pink)!


Fun with Rush

Since Rush has been doing things like challenging Obama to a debate, it's time to throw up some classic Rush quotes!

"Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society."

"The Earth's eco-system is not fragile."

"I think this reason why girls don't do well on multiple choice tests goes all the way back to the Bible, all the way back to Genesis, Adam and Eve. God said, 'All right, Eve, multiple choice or multiple orgasms, what's it going to be?' We all know what was chosen" (TV, Feb. 23, 1994).

"And one of the things that -- that the -- the AIDS activists said regularly back then was, oh, this is only a matter of time before it spreads to the heterosexual community. It's only a matter of time.

And they used that as -- as one of the weapons to try to get people like Reagan to start talking about it from their standpoint. And of course it -- it hasn't. It -- it didn't, and it hasn't, other than in Africa, and in Africa it is -- it is being spread not just by -- it -- it -- it's promiscuity that -- that -- that spreads this, if you want to know the truth. It's promiscuity.

But it -- it hasn't made that jump to the heterosexual community."
Rush Limbaugh, June 9, 2004 broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show


You can't download these (mostly)

Outside of the realm of musics, which are gettin' so easy to steal these days, we have some hard goods you would be remiss to attempt to download.

First up is a canvas tote bag which is bigger than a standard messenger/record bag. It's 21.5" wide x 17" high x 6" and made in the US! Screened with Winston Smith's famous Alternative Tentacles bat logo for the low price of $12.

We also have a few American Apparel hooded sweatshirts (black of course) in limited Super Small and Extra XL sizes, to help you battle this arctic chill!

With Obama promising to shut down Gitmo, you need "git" "mo'" of our patented (not actually patented) Abu Garb! Case in point, the silhouette Abu Ghraib / iPod referencing Jello Biafra "In the Grip of Official Treason" shirts, bold urine-yellow on black.

So Amazon introduced its "Kindle" recently, which technically means that you CAN download this book, but the best way to experience Jon Ginoli's memoir "Deflowered: My Life In Pansy Division" is in the hard format. Get it, hard? We can also make jokes about their new 7", but that would seem too blunt. Local queer publishers Cleis Press saw fit to print Ginoli's book, so you can crack the spine, get it wet, drop it, and all manner of tomfoolery a Kindle can't handle. Just in time to coincide with the Pansy Division DVD and album that we are releasing! Let's hear it for the analog format!


Ward Churchill trial

Thursday, March 5 at 7pm:
Bill Ayers, Derrick Jensen and Ward Churchill Speak!
Where: The Glen Miller Ballroom at CU Boulder

Join us at 9:30 am on Monday, March 9th at:
Courtroom #6
Denver State Court
1437 Bannock St
Denver, CO 80202
Show your support for Ward Churchill as he takes on the University of Colorado. For more information, RSVP, or transportation, contact Churchilltrial@gmail.com

More information can be found at:
http:/wardchurchilltrial.wordpress.com and www.wardchurchill.net