You can't download these (mostly)

Outside of the realm of musics, which are gettin' so easy to steal these days, we have some hard goods you would be remiss to attempt to download.

First up is a canvas tote bag which is bigger than a standard messenger/record bag. It's 21.5" wide x 17" high x 6" and made in the US! Screened with Winston Smith's famous Alternative Tentacles bat logo for the low price of $12.

We also have a few American Apparel hooded sweatshirts (black of course) in limited Super Small and Extra XL sizes, to help you battle this arctic chill!

With Obama promising to shut down Gitmo, you need "git" "mo'" of our patented (not actually patented) Abu Garb! Case in point, the silhouette Abu Ghraib / iPod referencing Jello Biafra "In the Grip of Official Treason" shirts, bold urine-yellow on black.

So Amazon introduced its "Kindle" recently, which technically means that you CAN download this book, but the best way to experience Jon Ginoli's memoir "Deflowered: My Life In Pansy Division" is in the hard format. Get it, hard? We can also make jokes about their new 7", but that would seem too blunt. Local queer publishers Cleis Press saw fit to print Ginoli's book, so you can crack the spine, get it wet, drop it, and all manner of tomfoolery a Kindle can't handle. Just in time to coincide with the Pansy Division DVD and album that we are releasing! Let's hear it for the analog format!

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