SXSW, dicks, and hipsters

Gary Floyd and the Dicks are in the news! Here's a live review by Christopher Weingarten, and a news piece on MSNBC by Robert Wellington. There's also a preview here from Austin Decider.

Other AT bands are at SXSW as well, including Dash Rip Rock, The Evaporators, and Star Fucking Hipsters (which features members of Leftover Crack).

Star Fucking Hipsters
March 19, Opal Divine's Freehouse 700 W 6th St. 12 midnight set

March 21, Habana Calle 6. 1:00 am set


  1. I thought Star Fucking Hipsters were on Fat, is AT releasing their vinyl like they did for the Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish split?