Bloggity blog, do come back.

Huzzah! We set up a blog for Alternative Tentacles while we look under the couch cushions for change (and time) to redesign the ol' website. You can now add us to your RSS reader and post comments, two things you weren't able to do on our site. It's not a good looking blog, but to paraphrase Farmer Hoggett from Babe, "That'll do, blog. That'll do." Everyone on staff will contribute here so you can get to know us better and perhaps check out some of our picks from our ever-expanding mailorder. We hope to get our bands to contribute, too!

We will continue to post updates on the Alternative Tentacles site as well as our MySpace and Facebook pages, but this will be the place where you'll find more than just new release, tour, and other strictly-record-labely business. If you have questions or comments about the blog, please contact me at maiko (at) alternativetentacles (dot) com.

Oh, and happy inauguration day! If you haven't read Jello Biafra's open letter to now-President Barack Obama, you can read it here. Aside from the most awkward oath of office in history, this is my favorite thing about the inauguration:

(Photo: LA Times)

You know he HATED looking totally immasculated in that wheelchair at the most watched event in recent history. It's so awesomely Dr. Strangelove.

Thanks for reading, and do come back!

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  1. I'd just like to comment that in the past 8 years the only person pronouncing Dick Cheney's last name right was Jello Biafra.