Amebix rampaging across the US!

Amebix wraps up their very first U.S. tour EVER with shows tonight in Providence & tomorrow afternoon in Philly- if you're anywhere nearby- you cannot miss this!

They completely destroyed San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, and were joined by Jello Biafra on "Largactyl"- REEEEELAX! REEEEELAX!

We were able to corral the band before last Sunday's San Francisco show for an interview for the AT Batcast, as well as one for local college station KALX- the Batcast will be up very soon!

Here's a decent sounding youtube video of "Winter" from their Canoga Park show, & one of "Winter" from the Echoplex a day or 2 later.

Tour info for Amebix & all AT bands here!


  1. Oh man, why couldn't they have come to Chicago!? We have an annual crust fest fer chrissakes!