Never-before-seen Bill Hicks set on Letterman this Friday

Standup comedy albums get a lot of play at Alternative Tentacles HQ, so we're elated to find out that Late Show with David Letterman will air a never-before-seen set by the late Bill Hicks. It was taped back in October 1993, but never aired because it was deemed "too hot for TV" back then. Cancel your plans or set your DVRs for this Friday night (1/30) at 11:30pm. Bill Hicks' mother will be a guest on the show. The transcript of the censored set is here.

(Photo: BillHicks.com)


  1. Hicks is my guru. Between Hicks, Biafra, and Rollins; I was demented by some great people at an impressionable age.

    Honestly, my favorite things about AT has always been the plethora of spoken word alums. Keep putting out the Zinn, Palast, Chomsky, etc.

  2. Hicks was amazing. It would be cool if AT put out some comically based spoken word stuff like him.

  3. David, I for one would love it if AT released a comedy record in the Bill Hicks vein. AT makes absolute sense as a home for edgy, political comedy. I'm sure if/when the right opportunity arises, it would happen.

  4. Hey thanx for posting this- I would of missed it completely, but thanx to u and youtube i get to see it.