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For the past 30 years, Alternative Tentacles has always been about more than just the bands that we release - Jello has long been a champion of underground music beyond albums with a bat logo on it, as evidenced in his numerous mentions in Michael Azerrad's Our Band Could Be Your Life, to give just one example. To that end, our mailorder stocks numerous other audio materials as well as books, DVDs, and merch that is chosen by AT staff. As a service to you, we try and highlight some specific releases deemed worthy of singling out.
True underground pioneers don't come any weirder than Jad Fair and R. Stevie Moore. When we heard they did an album together, even a few years after the fact, we knew that Alternative Tentacles fans needed to be alerted post-haste.

Their 2002 collaboration entitled FairMoore leans vocally more towards Jad's freeform spiels, but Stevie's rep as a godfather of lo-fi DIY makes its presence felt as well. Check out this Vanity Fair interview with him penned by Scottish visual artist David Shrigley. The Austin-based Fair still does occasional gigs with Half Japanese and continues his amazing series of paper cut art silhouettes.

Another under-represented AT release for Jad was his collaboration with Mick Hobbs (Family Fodder) and Benb Gallaher called Strobe Talbot (2001). Sharing your name with the head of the Brookings Institute (minus one "t") is a sure way to get lost in the world of google searches, but fans of experimental pop would do well to graze here.

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