AT archive - print ads!

It's year THIRTY for Alternative Tentacles! Think about that! Our mid-paunch and ubiquitous baseball caps precede a full-blown mid-life crisis that we can stave off with a trip down memory lane.
Once upon a time Alternative Tentacles had to send photo ready ads to magazines instead of just blip-blooping over a pdf on the winged-feet-of-hermes, aka email. We found a stash of these doo dads from circa '96 - '97 under the art directorial gaze of one John Yates, captain of many AT layouts past and present (last being the Report Suspicious Activity matchbook packaging). Perhaps most known for such T shirt designs as "Democracy: We Deliver" and "Mom We're Home", Mr. Yates may not be responsible for punchlines such as this one, aimed at a '96 Sex Pistols reunion:

The copy editor in us wonders if "Here Comes the Audience" would have been a better phrasing, but really, don't zombies inherently trump grammar for yucks?
Another ad from around the same time (most of these ran in Maximum Rocknroll and other fanzines in the pre-blog age) also promotes Tribe 8 and Saturns Flea Collar but takes its cue from the oft-parodied 1953 paperback exploito cover for David Hulburd's "H Is For Heroin":

It's kind of great that this ad would still work in 2009, but sort of a bummer that the sentiment of punk becoming a self-parody is also resonant. We will keep scanning these winners in as we find them, but if you dear reader happen to have some old zines with AT ads, we'd love to see them! Feel free to share with Flickr posts or links in the comments field.


  1. Couldn´t you post the one Maximum rockn´roll didn´t published because it was too country-tinged!

  2. The RSA packaging was by far the coolest packaging I've seen in years. I showed it to my two roommates who have no interest in punk/art and even they were impressed!

    Check out the wrap up I did of the RSA/Pegboy show in November with the mini-Articles of Faith reunion!