AT 30th Anniversary - Q&A with Amebix

Rob "The Baron" Miller took time out of his busy schedule with the reunited Amebix and his swordsmith work to take a looky loo back at 30 years of Alternative Tentacles.

What is your first memory of Alternative Tentacles?

Seeing the label of the "Fresh Fruit" LP was the first time I clocked the Label.

What were you doing in 1979?

Punking about in a small town in Devon, playing in 'the Band with no name'

What is your favorite Alternative Tentacles release?

Zolar X first

When did Jello ask you to put out a record on Alternative Tentacles?

During a visit to Southern Studios in London whilst we were recording "No Sanctuary," he had come to see us play the Sir George Roby and dug it.

How would your musical career be different without AT?

The World would not have benefited from a great musical leap forward in the shape of "Arise!", and we may have given up trying to convince anyone that we had something to offer.

Where do you see yourself in 2039?


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