RIP Chuck Biscuits

RIP Chuck Biscuits, drummer extraordinaire!

"Chuck was one of the finest drummers in punk rock and his ability to beat the crap out of his drums with pinpoint precision was unmatched. He did time in a number of legendary punk rock bands and they were always better off for having him in the band. Chuck did time in D.O.A., Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Social Distortion and Danzig (which is was probably most well known for). Chuck also lent his talents to Run DMC on my favorite album of theirs, Tougher Than Leather."
(from Punk Vinyl)
Punknews.org article


  1. You'll end up having to go back to the original story. When I did, it now says that Chuck's death may be a rumor death and his family is supposed to be getting to the root of this.

    It links back to the blog where the story originated.

    Here's to hoping it's a rumor!