Death Knells: Muzak and Analog TV

A) Muzak filed for bankruptcy today. The company began in the 1930s to make elevator rides less scary by piping benign music. (Maybe we should put in a bid to make elevator rides more scary?)

B) If you live in the Bay Area, you may want to check out the Funeral for Analog TV at the Berkeley Art Museum, featuring an eulogy delivered by author Bruce Sterling. The DTV switch has been delayed until June, but it's never too early to kill your television. You can bring your old analog set to be recycled; the first 40 sets to arrive will become a part of the analog TV memorial pile. This event is brought to you by the Berkeley Art Museum and the Long Now Foundation (Brian Eno's foundation)

Funeral for Analog TV
w/ Paul Saffo, Bruce Sterling
February 17, 2009 @ 7pm
Berkeley Art Museum
2621 Durant St
Berkeley, CA

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